Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness feat. Glamour Doll Eyes

In honor of the month of October for the awareness of Breast Cancer, I am highlighting a brand that specialize mineral eyeshadows. Glamour Doll Eyes is a brand created by Vanessa. Vanessa makes the eyeshadow by hand all by herself. Even the branding, packaging, and shipping is done by Vanessa.

So for this special month I have swatched the pink colors to her collection. There are more than this, but these will show how beautiful her colors are! Below is a picture of the colors swatched dry and wet (using fix+, but you can use water,or eye drops). You may also use any base you desire, but I figure anyone has these two options available.

I want to mention that the picture does not bring these to total justice! They are so much more vibrant and the PERFECT amount of shimmer. The pictures were taken without sunlight so you understand ;o) I am absolutely in love with Blush. The moment I swatched it, my eyes got big! Like a little girl on Christmas Day! I cant say anymore but great things about these pink colors.

Glamour Dolls Eyes allow you to buy these colors and others from sample baggies($2.00), sample jars($3.50) to full size jars($8.00). They also offer blushes/bronzers, eye lights (glitter) and new to the line are Goody Balms by Mel. So check all that and more at
And if you want some tutorials or reviews etc from Vanessa check her out at YouTube


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