Monday, March 23, 2009

Favourite Beauty Products for March

So the end of March is right around the corner, and I wanted to share with you my favourite products that I am loving! No paticular order.

1. Its a 10
This shampoo I just have been using for about a month or so, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Ive used the leave in conditioner before and the last time I got my hair done, my stylist mentioned the shampoo, and of course I had to try this. So lets talk product. At first when I used it, it didn't lather well and I was a little disappointed. Then after using it more and more I realized that my hair had to be SOAKING wet. So now I am noticing my hair to be full soft and easier for me to manage my curls. They say the product is nutrition for your hair. With Vitamin C Sunflower Seed Extract Acai Extract Ginger Pomegranate Tahitian Noni Oil Moringa Extract. I really would recommend this product. I rate this product a 4.5, only cause of the lathering can take a little longer than your typical shampoo but result wise its a great shampoo.


2. Kajal Eye Liner by StilaSo this eyeliner is my all time favourite! I think its my favourite for the whole year!! LOL. This eyeliner is the best and darkest liner I've ever had. They way it applies on my waterline is amazing. Not like other liners where you have to keep on applying over and working up the color, this one is a one swiper! I wouldnt recommend this too much for the lashine or lower. It is really smudgy so you can get bleeding look. But for the waterline I truly truly love. I rate this product also a 4.5.


3. Naked by China Glaze

My number 3 pick is the China Glaze polish in Make an Entrance. I just made a trip to Sallys and went on a nail polish buying binge. I bought about 5 different colors, and dont get me wrong i LOVE all the colors, but I am really into this color. It such a beautiful purple, just perfect for spring/summer. So ladies, for the spring/summer go for the bright and pastel colors. I rate this product a 5.


4. Hempz Herbal Moisturizer
This is a herbal moisturizer is made to hydrate skin using Natural Hemp Seed Extract and pure vitamin E. It also says it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines ad wrinkles, provides up to12 hours of miniaturization and he skin will appear softer and smoother instantly. Now with all those statements I cant help but say its all true. This lotion lasts all day. Usually other lotions I have to reapply. But not with this. The smell is also amazing. Its so refreshing. I rate this product a 5!!


5. Amazing Grace by Philosophy
And for my last item, is this perfume by Philosophy. I think this perfume is so refreshing and clean. This perfume isn't too strong which makes it the perfect day perfume. I think this is the best summer perfume after a long day at the beach. I rate this a 5.


So chicas, here it is. I hope this helps in your next day of some retail therapy or just to shop!

Until next time!


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